Space Clearing & Blessing

For Your Home & Business.


There are times in your life when you have less love for yourself, and this shows up in your physical environment.


Space Clearing and Blessing will active the Yang energy of your space, creating more vitality to manifest your ideal life; and also wakes up the Yin energy of your space, creating that divine feminine container of nurturing and healing.

Space Clearing for Your Wellness Business

Why you need it:

A bespoke Space Clearing is the best gift you can give yourself, your employees and the people you serve.  Creating a safe and nurturing area for your clients to feel comfortable in helps them to let go and heal on a much deeper level.

And if you are an empath or highly sensitive woman and tend to take on the energy of your clients, then Space Clearing your work area is very important for you to maintain your physical health and avoid burnout.



    How it works:

    When you book your Space Clearing and Blessing  Ceremony you will be invited to create a sacred intention for the future of your business.  The energy of this intention will be held throughout the whole process.  

    On an auspicious day I will come to your place of work and perform a beautiful and profound ceremony designed to unblock and transform the old stuck energy and fill your space with uplifted positive Qi (energy).  

    How it benefits your business:

    This process infuses new vitality into your business, helping you be more productive and happy in your space.

    Your staff  feel more settled, grounded and appreciated, and are open to new ways of working together.

    Your business becomes a matrix of positive energy that draws your ideal clients and customers to you.


    Space Clearing for Your Home

    Space Clearing will help you feel more at home in your body, especially after moving house or a major life change.

    Space Clearing wakes up the Yin energy in your physical space and brings more beauty and love into your life…and you feel more beautiful as a result.  

    How it works:

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    How it benefits you:

    When I unblock and clear energies in your home that are dense and stagnant, the new vibrant energy of the house supports you in looking after your own wellness needs.  My clients report that they are happier & have more energy, they sleep better and their relationships improve. 

    The enhanced vibration of your home can give you more clarity and focus to manifest your intentions more easily.

    The other members of your household have a more positive attitude and happier interactions with each other.



    What it does:

    The Blessing Ceremony brings in the energies of Gratitude and Love, which have the highest vibrations of any word or feeling.   Flowers have a beautiful vibration, and this is further enhanced and increased by using holy water blessed by a Balinese priest.

    How it works:

    After the building has been cleansed and consecrated, I create bespoke offerings and activate them to anchor in your sacred intentions.



    How it will benefit you:

    Blessing your space will help you open your heart chakra, connect you to your soul essence and feel more beautiful.    It helps you be more loving and grateful for everything you already have, and it creates space for new opportunities and abundance to enter your life.  

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies!

    When is the best time to schedule a Space Clearing?

    Between the full moon and the new moon is the best timing for scheduling a space clearing consultation. 

    The best time of day is between 11am and 1pm – this is the most Yang time of the day and has the best vibration to shift and transform the energy in your space.

    Can I buy a Space Clearing as a gift voucher for someone else?

    I don’t sell gift vouchers, as I prefer my clients choose me as the practitioner they are drawn to work with.  

    And I will only do Space Clearing with the occupants full permission.  

    Is it a good idea to have Space Clearing done before I go away for a while?

    In my opinion no.  After a Space Clearing it is best if you are in the house to continue to activate and appreciate the positive energy.

    If you are planning on going away for a period of time and are thinking of having a Space Clearing done, it is best to have it booked in for shortly after you return home.

    How often do I need to have a Space Clearing?

    It depends…

    You are the best person to judge this.  I would say whenever you feel stuck is a good time to book a Space Clearing.  

    For your business it will depend on whether you employ any staff, how many people frequent your premises and whether they take their energy with them when they leave.  

    My professional recommendation is to have a Space Clearing performed at least once or twice a year  If someone in your household regularly comes home stressed and exhausted then it may be necessary to have your home Space Cleared every three months.  


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