Have you ever felt like something is missing in your wellness practice, but you can’t figure out what ‘it’ is?

I work with sensitive women entrepreneurs who want to help their clients on a deeper, more holistic level.  

Becoming a Reiki practitioner is a wonderful way to help your clients reconnect with their inner wisdom while you increase your own levels of positive energy.


How is the Reiki training structured 


I teach Reiki Levels I, II and III.    Each level is taught in a full one day bespoke workshop, limited to 4 students per class, so you only have to take one day away from your business.   I make sure that all my students receive individual attention during our time together and leave our class with the utmost confidence in their abilities.  


Reiki I introduces you to the healing energy of Reiki and is an excellent way to help your own health issues.  Reiki I introduces you to the practice of self-care and self-healing and allows you to share Reiki with your friends, family and animals.  After a minimum period of three months you may then attend a Reiki II class. 


Reiki II introduces the first three sacred symbols, the concept of distant healing and allows you to treat your clients as a qualified practitioner.  There is a waiting period of between 6 to 12 months before attending a Reiki III class to become a Reiki Master. 


Reiki III (or Master/ Teacher level) gives you the ability to attune others to the healing nature of Reiki.  Some Reiki Masters run their own Reiki classes, while other Reiki Masters prefer to use this level (and the added sacred symbols) for their own spiritual practice.  


How Reiki can add value to you wellness practice

The most important person in your business is YOU.  So using Reiki on a regular basis with your clients  means that you are also receiving the benefits of Reiki – and that helps you have more energy, be more productive at work and be the most effective health professional you can be.   

How it works:

Reiki is a positive healing energy which helps to relax your client and allow their body’s natural healing process to work more effectively.   So it makes sense that adding Reiki to any treatment session will add to and assist any relaxation, wellness or healing treatment you already provide.

And of course a full Reiki treatment on its own is a blissful and a welcome addition to any treatment menu.



How to use it:

Here are a few practical ideas: You can use Reiki to clear the energy in your treatment room or workshop space before your client arrives; during a massage or facial; sending distant healing in between treatments;  as you create your beauty, herbal or flower essence products; as an add-on to your coaching sessions; to set up sacred space for treatments; to enhance the effects of products you recommend.


More about bespoke Reiki classes


Why you need it:

It is my intention that your Reiki journey be an easy and joyful process.  You can choose to be taught in a VIP one-on-one lesson or in a small bespoke class.  If you are an empath, introvert or a highly sensitive woman you will be looked after in a safe environment and have plenty of one-on-one time with me during the class.  This exclusive day long experience can be held at your home or workplace, offering you the ultimate in convenience and comfort.  

It is part of my work at Postive Beauty® to give back to the community in conjunction with Joining Hands and provide Reiki training to women who have experienced deep trauma, to help these women heal and recover.  Now you can feel twice as good knowing that as you further your own healing journey you are also helping another woman the chance to do the same.


Frequently Asked Questions

About Reiki Classes!

How do I choose the right reiki master for me?

I get asked this question a lot, and my response is to tell the prospective student to trust their own intuition and that they will be guided to the correct Master for their Reiki journey. 

Do I need to believe in a certain religious practice to learn or receive reiki?

No, not at all.  Reiki is a spiritual practice and people of all belief systems and religions can and do use this healing modality.  

If one of my clients or students is brand new to Reiki I encourage them to be open to the healing effects of the Reiki energy and to let the experience unfold.  

it's been a while since i've done my reiki training. can I repeat a class?

Of course you can.  I’ve have quiet a few ladies who have not been practicing Reiki much since their initial attunement and have either forgotten their training or lost their confidence.  

Joining a Reiki I or a Reiki II class is ideal to re-establish your Reiki knowledge.   

is there anything i can do to prepare before attending a reiki class?

Absolutely.   Once you book and pay for your class there will be a subtle change in your physical body.  Being gentle with yourself and any changes described below is very important.  

Make sure that you are well hydrated and continue to drink lots of water in the week before your class.  

Some students prefer to cut back on or limit certain foods and drinks during the week (or two weeks) leading up to their class because it makes them feel better – things like reducing or eliminating alcohol, meat, wheat, sugar, caffeine and highly processed foods and cigarettes.  This is not a requirement – just something to think about that you may like to try if it appeals to you.   

I do strongly recommend that you not drink alcohol in the 24 hours prior to the start of your Reiki class.  

Reducing screen time in the 48 hours before and after your class is also recommended.  

I have food allergies. can you cater for this?

Of course.  I have food allergies and sensitivities myself so I am very aware of this.  

The food for the workshop is freshly and consciously prepared in a boutique commercial kitchen and is always gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free and plant-based.  

If you have further allergies please let us know and we can change the menu to suit.  

will I get tired doing reiki?

Because the Reiki energy flows through your body first and then to you client, you receive a Reiki treatment at the same time.  

You may feel relaxed, happy, contented and calm; but performing Reiki should not drain you.  

As a beauty therapist and massage therapist I’ve received excellent teachings in body posture during treatments, which I pass onto my Reiki students.  Looking after your body during a treatment will ensure you stay refreshed and full of energy.   

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