Luxurious holistic treatments for the body, mind and soul – available by distance and in-person

Hello, I’m Cathy Wieden – Energy Worker, Intuitive Beauty Therapist and Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner.

I offer a range of holistic treatments for women who want to embrace their unique beauty and experience joy as their natural state.

Using Reiki, Australian bush flower essences, holistic pulsing and organic skincare, I’ll help you:

  • Melt away stress, anxiety and overwhelm…
  • Feel more balanced, inspired and in tune with your surroundings…
  • Achieve a natural, radiant glow…
  • And discover what’s holding you back in life, so you can find your calling and make a positive change in the world.

My philosophy

Like many women, you probably put your own needs last. You give so much of yourself to others that you rarely pay attention to what’s best for you. And if you’re sensitive (like me), you tend to absorb other people’s emotions and feel everything acutely.

These everyday stresses and emotional pressures can wreak havoc on your wellbeing, affecting everything from how you look and feel, to the success of your relationships, business and career.

I believe the key to unlocking your true beauty and radiance is to focus on these emotional imbalances…the problems that cause the fine lines, anxiety and feelings of doubt and fear in the first place. It’s about building a positive foundation from the inside out.

That’s why all my treatments:

  • Are tailored to your unique energy and vibration I’ll tap into the stresses and blockages that are holding you back and work to restore your inner balance. By the end of your treatment you’ll feel lighter, calmer and more present…in fact, many clients tell me that at the end of a treatment, they feel like they’re on cloud nine.
  • Incorporate handmade, ethical ingredients

I personally blend all flower essences and skincare treatments by hand, infusing them with Reiki and positive energy. This means they work at both a cellular and energetic level. Only natural and organic ingredients are used.

  • Are holistic, easy and stress-free

The best thing about my method is that you don’t need to do any work. Just lie back and relax and enjoy your treatment. It will work whether you’re deeply focused or so relaxed that you fall asleep. And if you buy one of my flower essence blends, just follow the dosage guides and let them do their magic.

Experience a new kind of healing:

Some of my treatments are available by distance, and if you live in the Greater Brisbane or Gold Coast areas I will travel to you so you can relax and enjoy a bespoke treatment in the comfort of your own home.

By putting your own needs first, everyone in your life will benefit…so why not prioritise your own self-care and indulge in a holistic treatment today.

Click on the link here to find out more about my products and services. I offer:

  • Bespoke Facials
  • Facial harmony balancing
  • Reiki
  • Australian bush flower essences
  • Holistic pulsing
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